Everything You Need to Know About EIFS System

The EIFS System is one of the primary types of systems used to create exceptional exterior finishes. Our company has experts in crafting the perfect results with all kinds of finishes, from sand-cement to versatile stucco.

This method has long been one of the most popular finishes for exterior wall panels, thanks in part to its exceptional durability, and low-maintenance performance. Though this modern technology and standard plastering both use a traditional sand-cement base coat, options include a versatile top layer. With EIFS, you can achieve the perfect results on your residential or commercial walls, without having to worry about constant repairs and damage. A very important task is making sure we install a EIFS water drainage system to avoid mold and moisture issues.  Plus, you get all the benefits of a water-resistant finishing material, available in a range of colors.

The Benefits and Uses

This type of finish is by far one of the most popular exterior finishes for both residential and commercial properties. As experts in the installation and maintenance of these finishes, we can help you to enjoy all the unique benefits that this finish has to offer, including:

Long-lasting durability

It’s important to choose an exterior finish for your project that can withstand a host of different climate conditions. This type of EIFS system can outlast both vinyl, wood, Edmonton Masonry, which would help you to enjoy the security of a more durable home. Numerous properties throughout Alberta have relied on stucco for decades of property protection.


Low maintenance

When compared with other exterior materials, such as vinyl, stucco can be a virtually maintenance-free solution for your home. There’s no need for painting or re-installation, and you don’t even have to clean it often if you don’t want to.


Fire and water resistance

Not only is it highly durable, it’s also fire and water resistant. That’s why many insurance companies offer discounts on premiums for houses that include this kind of exterior.


Better market value

As a visually appealing and practical solution to exterior building design, stucco grows more popular by the day. That means that it could also increase the curb appeal and real-estate value of your property – leading to a more profitable sale.

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